Getting Married? Where's the RING?

One of Tom's (and now mine too) close family friends is getting married this December 17. Good for them I should say. So far I believe all the preparations have gone good and we have even received their very classy chocolate brown invitation, which was very nice.

This gets me to think and now makes me itching to ask some of my "older" friends when the heck their getting hitched. It's not like I'm hurrying them up or something, but they really should think about it soon enough. And one thing they should prepare for are the rings, don't you agree?

First, there's the engagement ring. Mine was not so surprising. Tom and I were together when he got it. I even chose the design. Anyway.

Then there's the wedding ring or band itself. Hmm. What design would you like? Or your soon-to-be-bride? Has it occurred to you that maybe your tastes are not that similar? How about the material? Will you settle for just white gold, or yellow gold? How about platinum? titanium? or tungsten?

Apparently, tungsten wedding bands or rings are also very well preferred nowadays, aside from the conventional gold or silver bands, since tungsten wedding rings are almost virtually scratch resistant - resistant, meaning it CAN be scratched but only under extreme pressures and using harder materials like diamonds - these rings are most likely to stay with you forever. 

Convinced now? Try "window" shopping.  :)

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  1. Tungsten looks very sleek and is definitely a "manly" metal. And tungsten certainly is affordable, so it makes a great ring for everyday. But keep in mind that a tungsten wedding band can not be sized. So keep away from the pizza and beer, and make sure you renew that gym membership, too! But most online sellers of tungsten have an exchange program, so maybe there are no worries!

  2. Rick M, that's well, correct! And one good thing is that this "incident" is actually covered by their Lifetime Ring warranty program which states,

    "If your finger size ever changes, simply send it in and we will resize it for you for free." ...

    "It is important to know that some rings, such as mixed metals, or eternity diamond bands cannot be resized, so they will be replaced, free of charge."

    see the entire article HERE.


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