Busy and Productive Morning, Hopefully

Seems I may have to pray a little harder.

I need to have a productive busy morning every once in a while, and this is one of those mornings when I really want to have that kind of experience.

Not that I'm saying I'm not at all busy - yes I am, super at that.. But not very productive. I usually spend my days conjuring up audit programs and audit plans for my department, holding meetings with the bosses (official or not), or just listening to them tattle about things they are frustrated about - office related or personal - without even thinking if the person they're talking to is not at all disappointed with whatever things are happening. Hmmm. Martyrdom? Nah.

Anyway, started the morning with Coke in my hands. Not a good idea, right? But I'm still sleepy my monitor blurs out. So I just raided my google reader subscriptions and decided to join another online contest. What the heck, if I win, cool. If not. At least I tried, didn't I?

What to do, what to do. I actually have a meeting this morning, an issue that needs discretion. And my people have an ongoing thing right, of which I'm not so happy. They're beginning to be pain-in-the-arses that I just resulted to just shutting up for a while. Not a good leadership thing to do, but I think I just have to give them a bit of wriggling space to be able to start "thinking" on their own. As usual, have online work. Badz already told me yesterday they are about to start talking to a client about my "online services". Yay! Money, money, money. Less hassle, less tangle, more inflow! I just need more braincells and a decent internet connection. Fair enough.

And oh, I have about 3 - 5 articles left unwritten for another online client. Darn it. She's already asked for updates, but this "issue" I'm handling in the office right now is just more important. But I'll get back to you, I promise!

By the way, do you like to join that contest I was babbling about? Click here.

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