Phishing Email AGAIN..

Hmm, got another one of those.... And as if my paypal account is bursting. Poor thing.

The email was from, and read:

Dear Public Customer,

Please login to your Account and visit the Message Center section in order to read the message.

But hovering over the link, it appears that it should have directed me to this address if the darn thing got lucky:

Haha! Good thing I kinda got a sixth sense about these things...  ;)

Anyway, just be careful with emails you receive, especially if they ask you to do any of the following:
  • reset your password  (without you requesting for a password reset)
  • check your account because they think it was hacked (especially if that account is in anyway related to money or online credit card transactions, etc)
  • verify your email (especially if you did not request to be sent another verification email!)
  • verifying payment or disputing charges (especially for things you did not order or buy)
One piece of advice which does not really take a lot of effort to do is to HOVER on the links within the email. Remember, just HOVER or make the mouse cursor float over the link, and I'd say this again, DO NOT CLICK!!! Just hover and look at the real link at your status bar (that small toolbar-like space at the bottom of your web browser where you usually see the word DONE when website loading is finished) because that is where you can see what the real link. If you think that it's irregular or unfamiliar, or if you start getting that gut feel that something's not right, then all the more that you really should not click on the link!

And, last but not the least, send that darn email to SPAM!!!  :)

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