Vote Buying in Zamboanga Sibugay

Received reports that there was vote buying in Zamboanga Sibugay, the bailiwick of the Hofers. But now, and quite sadly too, the Jalosjos' are acting kings of the said province.

Election results from PPCRV and COMELEC show such a big difference between the votes of the Hofers and the Jalosjos'. A little intriguing if you ask me since Sibugay was the baby of former Congressman and later Governor George T. Hofer. This province could actually be considered as Hofer country.

So what happened?! I've heard that the estimated amount spent for vote buying was at Php 300 million. From that amount, Php 200 million was from Villar and Php 100 million were the contributions of all the mayors and board members running under him (of the entire Sibugay province). But I hope you don't quote this post since these are all speculations and unverified information.

And this tweet may show that the alleged vote buying may have actually worked.

So does these results from
**just check on it maybe there are updates already, took the screen shot May 12 at about 3:13pm**

I'd really hate to say this, but nothing has changed in Sibugay. No matter how hard you try to educate voters there, or establish progress, it's still either the RICH or the ARTISTAs they'd vote for. For heaven's sake. Grow up people.


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