Wishing for a Wish

Don't roll your eyes on me. If you do, you won't be able to read the rest of this thing. *wink*

Actually I was a bit torn between two major wishes. One might cost a sponsor, or whoever, just about, ummm, let me see, ummm, give or take Php700K. And the other, well, just Php27K or even less.

Got you curious already? Good.

Let's prioritize this then. Let's go to the more special and expensive one helluva wish.

I meant the car, Suzuki Celerio, not the bugs nor the leaf-blowing genius of an artist.

I'm wishing for a brand new slick and shiny black one; not for the chance to win or to buy it with a huge price slash, but to have one without shelling out any amount. Really. Crazy, but it's a wish so sue me. Also because it's really cute and it will fit snugly in our garage.

And the other relatively cheaper wish, is either a Nikon COOLPIX S6000 or a Sony DSC T900. Simply because I'm sort of itching to have a digital camera I can use knowing that I just couldn't buy one for the simplest reason that I can't afford it. lol!

{I suddenly remembered an incident when my husband and I were window-shopping and we happened to stop by a Sony shop. He was looking at the technical specs of a professional Sony camera when I blurted out, "How cute!" on one of the T900s. He just burst out laughing. So I asked. He said while he was busy being "professional", looking and scrutinizing the technical specs, I was out there pointing and ogling at how "cute" the items were. I just couldn't take the memory out of my freakin' head. It was just so airhead-y of me! So what if I found them cameras cute?! LOL! Oh and I again unwittingly used the term with the Celerio a few sentences before this. Didn't you notice?! Hahaha!}

There you go, those ARE my wishes. I'm actually hoping someone filthy rich would go berserk and just give me both with nothing in return - or maybe just for a blog post or two. I dunno. Haha!


  1. Thank you for joining!

    Love your entry. I had the same reaction when we went window-shopping at Samsung. I was looking at the huge fridge and I was like, "Ang cute!!" LOL

  2. wow, i remember my ultimate wish, to have my own chevrolet. Hope your wish do come true.

    join my giveaway too, http://www.melandriaromero.net/2010/05/be-beautiful-and-win-avon-anew-360.html


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