Make Room for the Baby!

Sheesh. I’m already on my 5th month right now and slowly, Tom and I have been looking around the house, trying to see and imagine where we’ll make room for the baby’s room.

Aside from the fact that my tummy has grown bigger and more noticeable and more uncomfortable - from sitting down to getting up, going to bed and up, squatting, etc - nothing else has increased in size. Not our house, nor our lot, nor our purchasing power. So how oh how will we make room for another room?

We thought we can just redo the flooring of the house’s 2nd floor and maybe put linoleum or maybe vinyl tiles. Repaint part of the walls while we still can’t extend or move one wall forward for bigger space or something. So the next big thing to think about are the colors.

I'd still choose blue even if it's a girl....  :)
According to interior designer Betsy Burnham (via The Canadian Press), we shouldn’t just plan for a cutesy, baby-ish room since of course, the baby will outgrow it and it would be very very expensive to redo the décor and everything. So instead of sticking to the pastel colors fit for babies, I think we have to plan it out into something that’ll still be easy on the eyes and the budget and still fit the child’s age until God provides for another set of color palette and décor.

Still, regardless of whatever we choose for the look of the room, I've been thinking that we should give out birth announcements and keep one or two of them and frame them for the room. It’s pretty mushy though. But at least our baby won’t say, “You told people about me only via facebook mom!” So I guess we’ve have to take pictures and print them out or maybe do those birth announcements thingies – but just in time for his or her dedication. :)

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