One Decade Down, Several More to Go!

In about 6 more hours, we'll be officially recognizing our 10th year together. Who would've thought we'd last this long? We're totally different personalities, and yet, maybe through God's grace too, we have managed to get along and "survive" each other. Quite the ride, huh?

He's the silent type. Not! Oh my, if that were true, it'll be the end of the world! Because he's the type of person who'd feel feverish if he doesn't talk in a span of at least 2 hours (except of course if he's watching a movie or sleeping). And sometimes he even couldn't help it that even if we're watching a movie he still talks every now and then, and when he sleeps he snores - very loudly - so he still isn't quiet at all. He sings a lot - and I mean a lot. Good thing he sounds decent. :) Though decent may sometimes be an understatement.

He's patient and understanding and tolerant. (Otherwise, how on earth would you think we'd pass the 10-year mark?!) And he's smart - he chose me, so that counts, right? But no, kidding aside, he really has a good working brain, if not so then he'd really be stupidly boring and I would've torn him to pieces long before we even got to be officially together. :)

Anyway, he's fantastic! And I really appreciate and love how he mostly just gives in and let's me be when I'm being annoying. (Now you really have to buy me coffee later!) He's one of the best gifts God has given me and having to share ten years of my life with him is indeed, one heck of a decade!

Now let's move on, shall we? Another decade is a looooong way to go! :)


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