The IMPOSSIBLE Online Contest

I've noticed a lot of online contests nowadays - they make you do the strangest things or the almost "impossible". Like how can you do or make something by using that very something that you're joining that freakin' contest for?!?

Example. To win this "so and so" gift card, Take a picture of your favorite coffee with your "so and so" gift card!

Or. Win this newest model of "blah-blah gen-something smartphone" by simply documenting 5days of your fun-filled life using the very same "blah-blah gen-something smartphone"!!!

And one more. Win the July sample gift box by posting your very own video of unboxing your...wait for it... July sample gift box!!!

Like... Huh?!? What the...?!?! 

What sorcery is this?!?!

Note to self:

Don't use facial moisturizer as eye makeup remover ever again!

Darn it, my eyes still sting.


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