Count your Blessings - Happy New Year!

2013 was a great year. But it all could be better. Disasters here and there. Old job, new job. Great car, cranky car. Terrible two is true. There's just a lot more blessing we're looking forward to thanking the Lord for this new year.

So, how about we count some of the types of blessings we've encountered in 2013? Here goes...

Blessing of:
1. Answered prayers (An answer you like and the answer you don't like, are nevertheless BOTH answers!)
2. Answered prayers on Hold
3. Patience
4. Specific prayers (God wants you to be as specific as possible, He already knows what you need and what He'll give. He just wants to validate that you yourself knows those too - up to the last dot. The more specific you get, the better.)
5. Gratefulness. In e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. 
(Notice that I deliberately spelled it out.)
6. Walking in faith, by faith. (Don't pray and doubt -- you'll never get an answer that way.)
7. Faithful family. (Next to God, you don't have/want anyone else you'd rather be with than your family.)
8. Safety and protection.
9. Provision (all aspects of that!)
10. More occasions, chances, instances to pray. (I believe God just loves hearing our voice.)

There's my list of ten for this new year. 

Adiós 2013! Hóla 2014!


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