Internal Audit Still Unrecognized


When they said they will not be able to prioritize Internal Audit requests due to operational deadlines, I was not expecting that what they meant was that they will totally ignore any request for documents or questions from Internal Audit.

Darn it. Here we go again. Do they really want to have the freaking CEO or President command them to even just answer simple emails from Internal Audit??? This is... Well, somehow, expected from a company who a few years back combined In
ternal Audit with Quality Management (absorbed is the term) and now wants to separate it again and yet, does not do anything that seems to make that happen. Grrrr. Even one of the existing Internal Auditors does not want to be separated from operations and wants the charter to specifically say that Internal Auditors should be allowed to perform operational duties aside from auditing.

This is gonna be challenging.


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