Realizations at the Middle of the Week

I have always had this feeling that I need to do something that caters to my “creative” self, my artistic frustrations, my need for brain non-stress-triggering activity, and my financial goals, all at the same time. Yes, if there’s something out there that can cost little to none and answer for all of the above, I’ll take it!

After browsing around my bookmarks, I revisited one of these blogs, Frugal Honey, a recent financial niche blog of someone who owns/manages one of the known sites for beauty bloggers, Kikay Exchange. From there I realized, I have been moving the wrong direction for more than a month now. I wanted to start beauty blogging, but Frugal Honey has started detaching from it. I wanted to generate income from these things I write, but was starting something that did the opposite (beauty/fashion blogging entails purchasing products for reviews, especially if you’re a newbie since no one would sponsor you!). With that said, I know I was in deep sh*t. So I pulled out my journal and a pen, and started working up my mojo back by journaling first. I even included a snapshot of that below. (Funky handwriting, I know.)
snapshot of my journal & green ink.

I’m now also thinking about restarting (again!) with my blog. I mean creating a new one for niche. Would you think that’s advisable? If so, which platform should I use? Of course, I don’t have a budget so it’ll have to be a free blogging platform. Or maybe just retain my current blog and just create a separate page for it? Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Like now. And separate my reviews from the rants and the sponsored posts. Yes, that’s it. (I’m really like talking to myself here, did you notice? Haha.)

It’s partly because of how long my blog URL is. When I started, I thought it was really cool, but a year or two later, I myself, was finding it too wordy. So I sometimes use to shorten URLs. And sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Crap. I’ll try again with this post.

A lot of goals. I think I have too many inter related, inter and intra dependent goals, and it’s annoying. Overall, the main thing is to really just make myself better – in everything; career, family, self, etc. So I’d have to clean that up too.

But back to my blogging. I don’t know. I think stopping for a while made me lose my audience (or the thought that I have one. J) So it’s quite what, tiring?, to sort of start over again. But heck, if I want to make something good out of it, I think I really should.

I’ll cut my rant short now with a list. List of the immediate goals I know I can strike off within 24 hours from my posting this entry:

  1.  Less idle browsing, more research, more writing;
  2. Drink more water (totally off topic but I need to do it to stop feeling hungry/thinking that I’m hungry!);
  3. Clean up my blog, create pages to separate certain categories, so they’d be easy to spot;
  4. Start the storyboard for the office video making contest; and
  5. Prepare my checklists for other social media stints/thingies.

If you have suggestions on what else I can, just leave comments below, alright? Alright! That’s all folks, toodles!

As you can see I have managed to scratch off 3 of the goals I've set for today, so that's 60% completion, good enough! JJJ

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