A New Way to Shampoo Hair

I found a new way to shampoo my hair, avoiding the immediate direct contact of the ingredients of the shampoo with my hair and scalp. I dilute it with water first! After diluting the shampoo, I wash my hair on the basin (I have really long hair, somewhat waist long!) or container, and after that, I pour the remaining solution on my scalp and massage for a few seconds just to gently massage of the dirt and to stimulate the oil glands of the scalp to continue its natural process of moisturizing the scalp amid the chemicals that touch it. After which, I apply my conditioner which I let sit on my hair for about 1 minute or so, or just enough time to soap up my whole body. After that, of course, I rinse out and enjoy a few more seconds feeling the warm water on my skin.

Hmm, happy shampooing! Oh, and don’t be afraid to wash your hair everyday - it’s okay. I even have friends who washed their hair with laundry detergent. Not your conventional shampoo process, but still, their hair were shiny, healthy looking, and frizz-free. Minimum stray strands, minimal fuss, and helps with the budget too.


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