Disbarment Against First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo

As I scanned the headlines of the daily newspaper that the hotel is subscribed to, I noticed a fairly noticeably title, ‘Favorita’ and ‘Figaro’: Another scandal hits FG. As I read through the article, it mentioned a blogger address and decided to look for it.

Lo and Behold! The newspaper article author got the blogspot address all wrong! Well, not really super wrong, but wrong enough nonetheless. When I searched for it through Yahoo, it led me to

a different blogspot which had nothing on it! I really don't know if it was done deliberately to mislead the internet users but hmmm... they didn't really expect a nosy person lke me to stop right there and just let it be a dead end, right? So I fiddled a little with the address given and voila! I got the right one. At least...

So to share it with you all nosy politically inclined peeps, here is the correct blogger address: Disbar the First Boor (that is http://disbarmikearroyo.blogspot.com/).

Let us spread the word!


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