My Favorite Super Heroines

Of course I have favorite heroines, don’t you?

Let’s get down to business.

Wonder Woman. It’s not that I like her costume or anything, but I definitely like her because she’s one of the first heroines known to human beings when I was still in my early years. I found Linda Carter to be the most fascinating superhero at that time, I really liked her eyes. What I found rather amusing is that she didn’t fly at all (Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman version, though). She jumped so high from one place to another. I was so used to Superman at that time that I wondered why on earth the maker of the show did not make her fly too. Well, at least Wonder Woman now flies in the Justice League.

Electra. I liked Electra when Jennifer Garner made her come to life. I liked her fighting scenes and cool ability to see the future, even just several moments ahead of the present. Nice daggers also, and the leather costume.

Jean Grey / Phoenix. I liked this gal ever since the cartoon series appeared on tv. Although I found her costume a little odd, I found myself fascinated with her big red hair, and her ability to move things around without touching anything. I’m trying not to use technical terms here, like telekinesis or telepathy, as you can see, I’d rather try to describe everything in layman’s terms. I also liked it really well when Phoenix appeared, it made her character appear more in control of her femininity and her powers.

Storm. What struck me mostly interesting in Storm is the contrast between her skin color and her hair color. Can you imagine I started wanting to have white hair then, flying, and trying to conjure strong winds and a lightning anytime I wanted to? Every girl’s dream.

Rogue. I know, I’m enumerating the Xmen Girls. But the heck, I like ‘em! I like Rogue because of the way she talked, she had this cute accent which I found interesting. I also liked the way she was in control of how tomboyish she acted sometimes and yet seemed to be seething with sex appeal.

Hmm, who else? I don’t like Bat Girl, nor Super Woman, and I can’t think of another heroine as on the moment. Let me get back to you on that some other time.


  1. I used to love watching wonder woman as a young girl - it made a change from all the other "men" superheroes.


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