Where to Search for Jobs

Are you looking for a local job and not having much luck with them? There are a variety of ways to narrow down your job search to focus on jobs in the areas and vicinities where you are interested to work in.

Use the Job Search Engines. Using a job search engine site is an excellent way to find local job listings. As an example, I have provided links to the job search engines I have personally used while I was looking for a job. To use them you must already have an idea on what industry or position you would like to apply for, because this will help you in narrowing the search. Another is you must be ready to upload or make your online resumé so that you can immediately apply for a job once you see it appear on the screen. There are also options where you can also include in the search filters the area, city or province where you want to work in. Advanced search options will enable you to refine your local job search even further, and search by company, words in the job title, and the city or zip code.

Check the Classifieds. The next step in conducting a local job search is to check your local newspaper classified ads on a daily basis. There are two options for you to choose from, the newspaper that circulates nationwide, or the one that is distributed locally in your city. This seems effective enough because most of the classified ads usually say that their job openings are of an urgent nature. Many newspapers are affiliated with some of the job search engines, but not all. Most of these local newspapers are also available online.

Find Companies. You can use the yellow pages to search for local companies by keyword and/or industry. You may find potential employers that you didn't know about. Then visit the company's web site or call their published numbers to inquire about job openings and career information.

Some of the job search engines that I have used are:

Career Builder

Berkeley at Work
Jobs Online

Job Fairs. Especially on periods when graduations are on season, both big and small corporations, business groups and even the local government conduct job fairs. You should periodically attend these events even when you are not necessarily looking for a job to see what opportunities are out there, and to gain a perspective of where you fit in the job marketplace. Most of the time, these companies keep your resumés in their files, commonly called resumé banks.

Finally, don't forget to network. If you are a part of your high school or college mailing list, do ask around if anyone knows of a job opening in their own companies, or from other colleagues, friends, or roommates. Sometimes, these types of communications offer a more lucrative chance of being employed than any other search engine available. They may even put out a good word or two to make your life a wee bit easier!


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