I'm Freezing!

I was born and raised in a tropical country and now, it's summer here. Outside, it's kinda scorching hot, perfect weather for a vacation in some of the best beaches in town. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm working today and I'm actually having my butt frozen here inside my office because the darn airconditioning system is set to really really very cool. Grrrhhh!

What annoys me most is that I cannot adjust the setting in any way because it's centralized and it kinda makes me feel whoozy and sleepy and freakishly slothful. Hmm, bad day, huh?

Anyway, I managed to bring a cute little blanket the other day and a jacket also which I'm wearing right now while I'm typing away on my keyboard. It helped alleviate the cold a little, but I can still feel it in my bones. It's a little annoying actually because when I'm outside I always wished hard for a cool breeze that will ward of the heat of the sun, and when I'm actually somewhere cold, then I wish it can be a little warm! I think I even sometimes confuse my guardian angels by the way I think! I'm sorry... Haha! But now, I'd really like to just cozy up to a thick comfortable blanket on a soft fluffy bed with lots of cottony soft pillows... Hmm, I just wish I can have that luxury right now. Soon enough I assume. Hehe!

It's actually a terrible feeling to just shiver in the cold knowing you can't do anything about it but some little itsy bitsy measures that can somehow make you a little comfortable or to just help you to cope with the situation. Oh dear, here I go again - I'm about to compare it again with real life, which sucks a little because I'm really not a life coach or something and I feel as if I really don't have the authority to make such comments. Anyway, my fingers are a little stiff already and my toenails are now little bluish. I just couldn't get why I cannot adopt as easily to very cold environments! Guess I couldn't migrate to countries that have winter after all... :)


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