Inspired or Expired?!

Haha, I'm laughing at myself right now because I just published that post entitled "I'm Freezing" and then I remembered that my online diary really needs to know this! Ooohh, I'm so excited!

Okay, here goes...

Wahaha! I feel stupid. I'm more than 20 years old and now I feel as if I went back to high school years because of this cranky feeling when you see someone that you enjoy looking at, even if he doesn't look back at you nor see you. I think it's commonly termed a "crush". Anyway, since I'm now appropriately labeled as "single", I can have a crush on anyone I like right now, ayt? Hehehe!

Okay, I won't mention his name or even describe him in detail or even in general terms because we can't really tell, there may come a time when he might track this blog down (either I tell him or he gets the info from someone else, I don't know, I'll just be careful because this may really be embarrassing!). What I can say with certainty is that he's good looking, and tall. Hehe! Good enough?

What made me smile yesterday and kept me thinking about it for the rest of the day (and night) is that he actually talked to me, nonsense things or trivial things if you really think about it, but well, you can't blame me, I spent a favorably long time in a relationship and I wasn't able to exercise the freedom to have crushes. Goodness, if this entry goes out into the open, I'm doomed!

I see him around actually, of course I look at him every now and then (he's really cute) but it was just yesterday that we both kinda had the guts to start a conversation. Out of nowhere mind you, but it was a conversation nonetheless. He's really got nice eyes. I'm a sucker for nice eyes. Anyway, I kinda feel stupid and naive right now because at 23, I still have this kind of high school crush feelings - the feeling any normal girl gets when he gets talked to by a cute guy.

This is embarrassing, but you really don't know me personally so that's okay. And you really don't have the vaguest idea how I really look like too! So, all is fair... :)


  1. Crushes can happen at any age, they never go away...have fun with it...


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