Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Most Good Looking Pirate

he's cute, ain't he?
nice eyes, nice nose, nice earlobes... :)

I'm a little excited because the third serving of the Pirates of the Carribean is going to be released within this month, and of course, that's another bonding time for the gang! I just hope we'd be more by then, because the last time we watched Spiderman 3, there were only 6 of us! Imagine? But it was all good, we enjoyed the day out and we met another potential kabarkada in the person of Julius' girlfriend, but she was just so quiet! I wonder if I was like that before whenever my ex talked to his friends; yeah, I think so.

Anyway, I'm over that phase, and it hit me that being so quiet at times is not really very good. So we tried hard to get her talking, and yeah, she talked sometimes but it wasn't long enough that she'll again drift into silence... Hmm, next time girl, you just might feel a little more at home with us... :)

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