Kind of a Busy Day

Hmm, I woke up late again... hehe!

Anyway, so I hurriedly prepared to go to work, not forgetting to wear my shades, comb my hair (of course) and wear my bangle - haha, found this okay-looking bangle in Iloilo, so I bought it, what the heck, I'm now spending for myself alone!!! :)

When I arrived in the office, I really had to get a bite to eat 'coz my darn tummy's aching already, after which, I made a beeline to my office.

It's a kinda-busy-day today because I needed to check several customer accounts, just about 4 pages of print-out from excel with the default font size of 10 - that's a lot... So I went to the Income Audit Section to use their computer there - my freakin' laptop doesn't have the right program. We're using Opera. Besides, my laptop is a darn Pentium 3, it really takes quite a while... :)

Anyway, so I started checking on the accounts already because for all I know, my boss might be drilling me on it later, so I just had to do it. I just had time to make a post right now because it's my lunch break. I also have to keep myself busy to keep my mild depression at bay. Think I'm gonna have my monthly thingy.

I also have a Happy Thought today, my blog just got approved by PayPerPost for their PayPerPost Direct where advertisers can "hire" me directly to blog for them! Cool isn't it? Hehe! You can see the banner link to that in my sidebar. So to advertisers put there, ya'll know what to do... :)


  1. Call me a doofus, but I seriously have absolutely no idea where Iloilo is. LOL. Maybe I'll Google it up later :) Nice blog.


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