Busy Days & Missing You

I'm in the middle of a weird situation because I'm currently being OIC to a position I'm not so familiar with and it has taken a lot of my time since I started.

Right now I barely check my email, I can hardly post an entry here in my blog, and almost every night since last Thursday (except of course Sunday), I have been going home at almost 9 in the evening, and I can be seen in the office as early as 7:45 am... Huhuhu, I can't have enough sleep anymore and I really had to cut short some of my dreams because I need to be in the office so early.

Although the work is a little challenging, and I really like it, it's quite a responsibility and I always pray for guidance and sincerity of heart & mind. I also pray for strength & gentleness because in this field, I get to interact wiht different people, and I surely have to be a little gentle to all because the reputation of the company can get affected also if I won't be careful.

Hmm, anyway, I still managed to spend time with some friends last Saturday night because Dangsie, who just visited Cebu City for a business trip, contacted us all and we all decided we should have a night out. Think our pictures will be posted within the week... :)

Think I'll stop right here because I still have a report to finish... Tata!


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