Pirates and a Bear

Took a leave of absence yesterday, June 12, so that I can catch more on my dear sleep because I have been feeling a little weak in past few days, for which I can hardly find an explanation except for maybe I lack my favorite thing, sleep.

So I overslept, of course, to my delight. And decided, when I finally woke up at about 12+, to just go out and buy myself lunch - no shower, no combing of hair, etc. Fresh out of bed, hehehe.. And to my surprise, {well it's not really surprising,

Thanks Papa Bear!

because we're neighbors} I saw papa bear there in the carenderia [a small yet convenient place to eat or buy food located just outside or near your house].

{For those who do not know who papa bear is, you can check my friendster account if you have access to it, or maybe just ask me who on earth is papa bear, ok?}

Papa bear is actually one of the very few people who saw, and may probably continue to see, how I look when I just happened to get out of bed - when I haven't taken a shower, not even washed my face, haven't combed my hair properly, haven't even changed into more decent clothes. I was just wearing the shirt I slept in and some capri pants.

So anyway, he saw me there while my food was being packed in plastic bags, but he told me to just eat there with him, so I did. And as we went on with our conversation, of course, some of the topics would be how was I doing, was I okay, was there someone annoying who still goes there to see me, what does he do there, what does he say, am i ok with all of it, etc, etc, etc....we also talked about his parent s visiting from Dipolog for his sister's capping ceremony (she's taking Nursing), and why on earth he doesn't reply to another friend's text messages. Further on, I think he remembered that he promised to take me to watch Pirates of the Caribbean (At World's End), so he told me to hurry up and take a quick bath so we can go and watch it.

When we arrived in SM {SM is one of the most familiar places to be in, especially here in Cebu. It's one of the known malls here. So if you want to go out and hope to bump into some friends, you go to SM or Ayala...} at about 3pm, just in time for the next showing, so fortunately we were able to watch it from start to finish. This time, I understood what I was watching... Hehe.. Besides, papa bear won't stop asking things just to clarify the connection between the 2nd Pirates movie and this one... Good Lord...!

Anyway, while the movie went on, we talked some more, and after the movie, he went on with this speech that he usually does when we're left alone to talk things over, especially with my recent love life misadventure. It sounds weird to hear those "words of wisdom" from a guy, but I'm actually thankful {Thanks Papa Bear!} that I can see things from his perspective {and then start to wonder why my ex-boyfriend doesn't think the same way. Ahihihi..}. Nevertheless, I consider every speech papa bear makes as a new and treasured one, irregardless of how many times I've heard it from him, because each and every time he says these creepy-sounding phrases {because the things he says are those we usually hear from ourselves or from other girl friends while comforting or giving advise to other girl friends...;)} and statements, it just sounds a little more realistic every time. Besides, after all that he's been through in his own love life, I'd rather believe what this guy says on how guys think and how they should be acting or reacting, or why they do things, than others' opinions. But of course, if someone else, or some other friend of mine happens to have something to share which might enlighten my brain a little more, I would be very ecstatic to listen, and maybe I'll learn what other things I did wrong, or what other not-so-good decisions I made, or just listen, understand and accept that it was not really my fault after all.

So we parted ways by the jeepney terminal, because he was still going to go to Ayala to meet up with James to give him his sardines, and I think also with Bing-bing, papa bear's gf...{hi, Bing... :)}

So that's the Pirates' story... :P


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