Grrrrhhh.... It's Cold!

I came into the office at about 11am, came from the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) Exam Orientation in the Aboitiz Training Center in Banilad. Unfortunately, although the topic was interesting, and should have brought a different kind of excitement for me, I just was so sleepy I almost dozed off while sitting right in front of the speaker. Goodness... I slept late last night, think it was already past 1am.

Anyway, I got to hear and digest some juicy info from the said orientation and learned that so far there are about 50,000 CIA's around the world, and only about 700 of which are Filipinos. And the resource speaker isn't quite sure how many of the 700 are still alive...

So that means, mga Pinoy, that we are really world class people and we should be proud of it! The Philippines actually has on of the highest passing rates in the CIA Exams and so far, we have been consistent in being included in the topnotchers... Cool, huh? The national passing percentage last year was 30%, and Cebuanos, we had a 70% passing percentage! Yey! Haha, Congratulations!

So there... Grrrrhhhh!!!!

I'm so cold right now, my feet are so pale, my fingers are feeling brittle and my fingernails are actually a little bluish... I sometimes hate airconditioning! Hmph!


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