Cold Friday Morning

Good Morning, it's kinda cold, ain't it?

Think it rained during the wee hours of the night because when I went out of the house to hurry for work (I was thinking I'm already very late!), I noticed that the paths were wet, and the walkway going to our office building had pools of water on them.

Hmmm, officially, I had breakfast. Not a fancy one though, just a small pack of chips and a bottle of Soya milk (I used to not like soya milk, but now, I'm kinda crazy about it). Anyway, after finishing off the salt dust on the tips of my forefinger, I went into the office and checked my emails and decided to update my blog again. I just love writing down my feelings or just spending time sharing my thoughts and life to hundreds of people that I don't know. Talk about passion!

But the thing is, my fingers are kinda stiff. Why? Because! The darn aircon again is driving me nuts! I'm not an airconditioning unit kinda gal, an I hate too much cold, especially if I don't have someone to hug me through it. Anyway, my hands are getting the hang of it because I'm typing. :)

Hehehe! Why don't you go to my next post (WHO did That?!) because I have an interesting story there that I got from my mom. :p Ciao!


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