WHO did That?!

Hmmm, seems like my readers know how to follow a click-through story, huh?

Ok, anyway, my mom and i had a chat through SMS last night (that's text messaging, Philippines is kinda known to spend a lot for text messaging...) and were on our usual how-are-you-I'm-fine-thank-you kinda questions up until a point where she decided to tell me a kinda eerie story.

Our house has two floors. It used to be a storehouse, that's why it's kinda spacious. Anyway, the lower floor is where we keep most of the things we don't use anymore.

Stories about that house have been circulating since I was in college - stories of personal experiences with the paranormal. They say a man lives there, others say it's a boy, like a 3 or 5 year old toddler. But my mom says otherwise. She says both.

My mom has this knack for the paranormal, sometimes she feels things that we consider creepy and sometimes she even sees them. I find it bizarre and annoying sometimes because it just gives me the creeps.

Although I've had an experience with it once, like it was already 11pm and only mom and I were still awake. My brother is sound asleep and dad was still out of the house and we'd know he already arrived when we hear the sound of his motorbike and hear his footsteps up on the stairs.
So we were chatting our silly chat and then we kinda went quiet for a while and then... We both heard heavy footsteps walking up the stairs and the hook and eye attached to this swinging wood doorlet (it was small so I'll call it a 'doorlet') was being played with or I think unlocked or something. "Ma, daddy's here..."

"Are you sure? I don't think so." And then she smiled. I cringed! Oh my God, so I ran to the door and looked outside to check if dad's bike was already there and to see if there really was someone by the stairs.

Sh*t! There was no one there, not a bike, not a person, not my dad, no one! I ran back to the bed with my mom and felt really cold. Mom said I was so pale she thought I saw a ghost. Understatement?

So let's go back to my mom's recent adventure. She said it was a rainy afternoon, as in it was literally raining hard. My dad was already asleep on the bed and mom, for all her craziness, went downstairs and set up her bunk there to have her afternoon siesta also. She says what she remembered was that although it was a little cold because of the rain she did not use any blanket to cover herself. And what's interesting was that when she woke up, she already had a blanket on!

So I told her, as logically as it seems, that maybe you pulled up a blanket subconsciously because you were already cold, or maybe it was daddy who covered you up, besides she also said she dreamt of dad all the while, I just forgot to ask what the dream was about. Know what her reply was? "Dad's still upstairs when I woke up. He was snoring."

Goodness! Meaning?! Oh, how creepy! So I asked her what she did. Mom said her hairs were on its ends and she cringed at the thought that something covered her with the blanket so she hurriedly went upstairs and laid down beside dad. Hehehe.... :) I think she didn't mention anything to daddy because dad's also a scaredycat. :)

Creepy huh? Crazy, too.

Hehehe! 'Til next post! :)


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