Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nery's in Singapore!

I signed in on my YM yesterday and was a little surprised to received an immediate message from Nery, the Cost Controller of G Hotel Manila (that's by Waterfront, of course!). She said she's in Singapore right now and will be back on the 30th yet.

We chatted, like crazy people that we are, with topics like work, love life, and what the heck she was doing in Singapore, hehehe. She said she was just touring around, looking for a prospective new career. Hmmmm.... Does that mean...? ;)

Anyway, so we chatted along, and later on the discussion she mentioned she's gonna bring home something for me. Cool! Yey! Hehehe, thanks gurl... Miss you.

So that's my good morning post for you guys & gals who really kinda try their best to keep on visiting my blog. Take care of yourselves always. God bless you!

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