Cool Tuesday...

It's quite cool here in the office considering that my basal temperature is a little up right now and will be for about 3-4 days (go figure...). Anyway, I was late for work but actually have my curly hair again.

It's funny how people react when something changes with your appearance. I got a lot of comments today regarding my hair (all comments that I heard were good, I don't know about those that I DIDN'T hear.... ); at a time when rebonding began to be a fad because someone related to the company gave out flyers announcing a promotion saying "All lengths - P1,500 Rebond up to Aug 30!", I was out with curls on. Hehehe. Suwail na bata! (insolent kid!)

So there I was walking with curls on while some girls were looking stiff with their medicine-treated hair. Although in the long run, I admit, their hair will surely look more fabulous than mine. Hehehe.... But, who cares? ;)

My fingers are getting stiff again, too cold an airconditioning unit here - as I always have complained about. And I thought we were doing some cost-cutting! Hmph!

So think I'll go now an post something some other time... Tata!

And oh, some officemates were in a hurry to go out, they're going to a fiesta somewhere... ;)


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