Feeling a Wee Bit Crazy...Again

Funny how people shift moods every now and then, and I'm actually no exception. I can change moods in a split second, by demand or not, or whether I like it or not.

Just like now, right at this moment, I'm feeling crazy - woke up too early for myself. I would have chosen to sulk a bit in bed, but something just managed to pull me out of my reverie. Weird enough, I also arrived in office just in time, not late. Hmmm, had breakfast - meat roll & coffee - and now, I'm blogging. Quite simple, no fuss; I'm feeling fine but I definitely wish that nothing outrageous destroys my mood today or I'll be cursing it for the rest of its existence!

Ok, I admit I'm also searching for a nice pic to add to this post and my browser or my internet connection, whichever it is, is driving me nuts... It's so crazily slow, darn it!

Anyway, I wasn't able to finish the Smallville season finale in Studio 23 (Tom Welling is so cuuuuute....). Think it's one of the reasons I'm feeling strange today. But at least I saw an episode of Break the Bank. Mo Twister is so entertaining. Duh. But I like him.

What else? Hmmm, right after this post, think I'm gonna turn over my internet connection to my officemate who seems to enjoy sighing very loudly, enough to let me know that she's getting bored. (A big hotel is where I'm working and our office only has one internet connection. Kinda makes you wonder, where has all the money gone?!) After which, I'll be carrying on with my checking of the general cashier reports and later on the billing for the casual employees of our housekeeping. Kinda busy day. I'd rather be busy when I feel a little giddy. For no reason, just to take my mind off things and give it a monotonous path. hehehe...

Ok, so here's the pic I saw somewhere - funny, 'coz I can't do cartwheels. :)


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