Seminars, Laptop & Weekends

Seems these three have a weird effect on me...

Seminars. I and my colleagues attended a two-day seminar on Operations Audit, spearheaded by the Institute of Internal Auditors - Philippines, Cebu Chapter and facilitated by Ms Susan Domingo. The materials were adequate enough, and the group activities actually gave me time to bond with my former classmate & blockmate in college, Mitz, and also with our Department Chair, Mr Challoner Matero. All in all, the topics were good, discussed better and would have been great if Ms Susan also gave more inputs that were not literally in the slides, because, Ms Susan (although she was very good with the discussion and gave a lot of examples also) just read the items that she placed in the slides. So we were just like in kindergarten, learning how to read. Anyway, God bless her, she was really good in expounding some of the points and also trying to pry from us ideas and/or questions. I think Ms Ching enjoyed so much because she was very very participative. It was aactually like it was her first time to hear "Operations Audit" existed as a word... :) No offense.

Laptops. These things drive me crazy nowadays! For one, since I'm learning how to manipulate Photoshop and edit my blog background, as you can definitely see, well, a slow moving laptop and internet connection just irks me a lot and I hate being irked nowadays! Additional wrinkles just don't fit my immediate plans. At least I kinda enjoyed bringing it home and watching some dvd's....

Weekends. These I love. Not because I get to stay home all day, or watch TV as long as I like, or sleep until I feel tired of sleeping, or just lying in bed staring at the ceiling (which at times is really quite entertaining), or just staying by my door trying to get a whiff of fresh air, but because its during these days that some good news come and go. One good news is one of my friends, Philip, has already opened his own grill and bar called SMILEY'S, and we were invited to go to its official opening (of course he should invite us, or else....). I'm quite excited, it's gonna be this coming Saturday. It'll be some kind of college get-together also because most of our common friends are also classmates before.

here's Philip ;)

Another good news is that I needed to send money to my mom for my brother's sake. For me it's good news because I can feel that somehow I get to repay the kindness, support and hard work that my parents have devoted to help me finish school, and now I try to repay them by helping my little bro (although he's not so little anymore - he's taller than me now).

And there are some news - whether good or bad - that only me, myself and I are allowed to know, so maybe someday, we'll share it with you. Then again, maybe not. :)


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