Dump Him, Dump Him Not

I've been looking at my blogstats and what a surprise, most hits came from the post related to dumping the guy... Hmmmm... Seems like it's a common dilemma, huh?

Well, I'm not an expert, nor do I consider myself one. I just have had this experience of a really terrible break-up, and came to realize that all the tell-tale signs (well at least the common ones almost always mentioned in advice columns...) were present but I was just so blinded by my efforts (at least I felt I tried) of trying to patch things up that I didn't quite notice 'em.

So in summary, and also based on my experience, some of the signs that your relationship may be on the verge of a rocky part or is almost at the point of self-destruction are the following:

1. Changes in behavior. This may include sudden interest in new perfumes/scents, new shirts, new pants, or possible new looks that may or may not it him. Sometimes, these guys might even ask you for advice. And at times, even when he's just going somewhere around the corner, he stops for a while and takes time to wear his perfume and comb his hair (given that he isn't this usually conscious about how he looked or smelled).

2. More comments on your attitudes/behavior/physical appearance. So far as I've read in articles in the internet, this is one way a guy tries to pick a fight on you. Most probably because he knows that when you're almost at the brink of exploding, you almost always never fail to ask for a break-up, and so he does it. Starts a fight, hoping against all hope that you will, ask - rather command - that you part ways.

3. Noticeably Busier that Before. Of course, the tendency is that we will surely notice, ask why, and yet believe whatever he tells us, right? Well girls, time for you to stop and think - is he telling you the truth? Suddenly he's so busy he forgets to drop you a line or even send an SMS? Hmmmm, something fishy....

4. Finally, when you tell him that you think you should break up, he doesn't say a word and just leaves you alone.

There.... Good enough?

Take care.... :)


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