Choose-day Hues

Hmmm, I chose to play with my hair today and decided to go to the office with curls. Although my hair is a lot shorter than before - due to braincell breakdown, I was so excited to get a haircut, and now I'm kinda dreading it. Anyway, so as I said, I went to the office with curls on.

It's not much of a fuss, I just like the feeling of having a little curl in my hair. Besides, it wasn't only me who arrived in the office with changes made to their locks.

My "boss" also had her hair done. The usual side part was now in the middle. And the usual salon-done straight hair was renewed, with a little color red - the same hue you notice on recently-done hair. Hmmm, I wasn't quite overwhelmed by the change, although I admit, I was curious enough to notice that even a change in where the hair is parted can give such a different effect on the face of the wearer. Well, some changes are for the better, others are well, for the good.

Okay, so I just saw my boss rushing out of the office, I wonder where she's going. Think she's going to see her doctor again. She seems to be so stressed nowadays that all her organs seem to be having something wrong. Terrible. But well, it was and still is her choice to be so stressed over some things that concerns the whole company. She might as well be as stressed as the President himself!

So let's deviate a bit. What else do I need to update you with? hmmmm.... Oh, we already saw the Bourne Ultimatum. We even had

Sa tingin mo manunuod ng Love Story yang mga lalaking yan?!

this bloopers moment when we went into the movie house. Like we were so confident that we we're lining up for the right cinema, that is Cinema 2, because that is what Teresa remembered - as what Faye told her - so we just lined up. I had no idea which cinema it really is because I was kinda away taking care of the food (butter-flavored popcorn, yummy...) and also because there was a bunch of big guys who were also lining up for the same movie who all kept on eating and munching away their movie food.

So okay, let's forgive the guys, because in all fairness, they were a little good-looking, although they just were so buffed they seemed like bodybuilders.

After about 10-15 minutes of standing in line, we went with the flow of the people and entered the cinema, and quietly watched the trailers. But then flashed something that puzzled us - the logo of Star Cinema. Oh my gosh. It was "A Love Story". We were in the wrong darn cinema! How could that be? Teresa was going nuts reasoning out with Faye & me when we really didn't ask her to do so, nor did we blame her. She even pointed at the big guys who were just sitting right in front of us and she was saying, "Sa tingin mo manunuod ng Love Story yang mga lalaking yan?!"

And the obvious answer? - "Haler? Obvious bah? Here they are, right? Not even a single opposition that Love Story was already starting! So that only means that they really are watching the right movie, and since only the three of us are puzzled, then I strongly conclude that we are the ones lost! Tingin mo sa laki ng mga taong yan di yan magrereklamo kung mali yung pinapanuod nila?!" {whew! I can never be too harsh when I'm writing... hehehe!}

So what Faye did was she stood up, asked the people looking over at the entrance whether we can still go the other cinema, Cinema 3, the correct one mind you. Teresa was still trying to defend herself by reasoning out, duh. Get over it, dear, we were lost... Hehehe!

this is Faye

and this is me with Teresa

Eventually when we have already transferred, watched the correct movie, and finished our popcorn, Teresa was calm. She enjoyed the movie, even laughed at herself for what happened to us. Faye was also laughing. So therefore, we enjoyed our movie. :)



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