Today seems to be just another day... or so I thought.

I'm having my pre-lunch break coffee and I've always loved the warm feeling of that hot liquid traveling down your throat to your tummy. Although at times it hurts, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.... ( I remember Bambi with the 'fuzzy' word, she used to have that oh my fuzzy wuzzy expression which totally annoys Choochoo...)

Anyway, as I've said I'm having my coffee and it just hit me that all the while I was thinking that today is just another day for me. But deep inside I know it's not gonna be ordinary. I have this
funny feeling that I will face a problem or an annoying thought or event of some sort within the day because I was feeling light and, allow me to use the term, "happy" when I woke up this morning.

Crazy as it sounds, but I've actually proven this weird theory for myself and some other friends have also attested to such a fact that when at one point of the day you were all smiles and laughter and happy thoughts, whether by yourself of with other people, the next thing that happens is you face a problem that will totally wreck your idea of a happy day. It sometimes will make you cry or just annoyingly sad or depressed, but the next day, it's gone. Hmmm, totally strange, but still...

I just hope that nothing of that sort ruins my day today because... I dunno... I just feel... light and maybe dreamy or something. Hmmm, I'll choose the "or something".... :)


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