A New Hobby?!

I was feeling a little bored yesterday so I decided my fate and tried fiddling with Photoshop... Hmmm, I "vectorized" one portrait of mine, and even if it's not perfect, it's at the least, presentable... :)

I didn't even realize I could do something like that, although I have much to learn in the art of enhancing pictures, I surely have lots and lots of time, especially now that I don't have a love life to fuss with, I can spend a little more time developing skills through a hobby or by just getting a wee bit more curious than before. I've watched my ex-boyfriend edit pictures before, sure, he knows what he's doing, and I know I can do the same. Hopefully better. Hehehe, no offense.

Anyway, so I started out Photoshop by
doing vectors, I have much to learn and experiment with but as of the moment, I am more interested with vectors... hehehe!

Here's the portrait I'm telling you about...

I hope I'd have a really nice weekend coming up because I'm getting slightly bored by the moment. I'm out of the busy office since yesterday and now have felt the effect of being busy for a long time to being "vacant". Hmmm, but I rather love it than being busy because at least I can have time for myself and even have time for a darn haircut which I have been wanting to have for quite some time now. :)

Ok, see you.... :)


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