For No Reason at All

I feel tired, even though I really do not know why. I've been like this the whole week. Think I may be having some psychological or psychiatric thing going on.

Hmmm, I'm a little bored with my work like now, if not for the vision of having the ability to slowly pay for my own house in about 10 months, I really would like to resign from this salary-forsaken company. I really think this company should have a labor union - that way, the labor code can be clearly complied with. Hohum. Tragic.

Aside from the lack of employee-benefit satisfaction, another thing happened, the damn IT department restricted access to friendster. So, these friendster-hungry office people are now one website short of their daily tasks. And who else can be so heartless to order such restriction? Hmmm, let's guess. Maybe someone who thinks he's/she's really very very good, but who's now having difficulty having other department heads to follow him/her (para maglibog mo kung baye or laki...) because he/she doesn't stand by his/her word. What he/she puts down on those numerous little Post-its of his/hers are quite different with what you'll hear from him/her when he/she starts speaking - that is, if he/she even says a word during the face-off or the meeting. (matapang lang kasi yun pag di nya kaharap yung ina-away nya... ) Crazy diba? di ka ba naman mahawa dun, ewan nalang.

Hahay... Lapit na end of the office day, pwede nako umuwi or maglagalag kahit san ko gusto... yehey...


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