Good Morning...Good Morning?

Is it really a good morning?

Well, at the start of the day, I really hoped it would be a good morning. All started ok, the waking up, the preparation for work, the travel to the office, up until I started filling out the form for an application for a postpaid line with Globe Telecom.

What annoyed me really was not the application itself, nor was it the messenger, but one of the employees of our company. I wouldn't mention her name anymore, but she's connected with the HR department (we actually call it Peers Services Department [PSD] here). All I needed was her signature to certify that I am indeed an employee of the company and a regular one at that. And do you know what she did? With her annoyingly pouting face, she said, "Si Ms **** lang ana mam, di ko mupirma ana, sya lang ana."

Imagine?! I needed a Corporate Director to sign this simple certification for a 500 peso postpaid plan? Grrrrhhhh!!!

But.... The good person that I am, although I was fuming already, I went to the PSD and had my application signed nevertheless.

And yet, good things still happen. A friend of mine, Sheila, one of the hotel's outlet cashiers, called me at the office and asked whether I was in (of course, I answered the phone, didn't I? Peace Shei...hehehe!) because she was going to drop by and share some blessings - hmmm, food! Lovely, enjoyable food.

Indeed she went to the office and gave me the package, a big Chocolate ensaymada (yummy!!!! I'm a sucker for chocolates!) and a quiche (pronounced as "keesh") which was equally satisfying... It wasn't her birthday though, it was just like a custom for her that when her husband receives his commission from their real estate business, she just goes out and buys food for friends and family. (Now that's sharing! :>)

So I'll go ahead and enjoy my quiche. Bon apetit!


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