Peaceful Saturday Morning

Hmmm, the office today is a little silent, it's just me and my music that's keeping the sounds floating around. Almost everyone is looking somewhat peaceful, I think we're all excited for the weekend. It's quite tiring around the Finance Department you know. You're always on your toes.

Anyway, we had bible study yesterday. I realized that I've somehow left my bible untouched during weekdays. I only flip through it on Sundays, and it's quite a shame. Listening to our facilitator yesterday, I realized that no matter how difficult it is, I should always try to forgive, at least seventy times seven (70 x 7) times a day according to Jesus. So it just occurred to me when I woke up this morning that despite everything that happened, he still doesn't deserve to fail in whatever he's doing or he plans to do because it would be actually shameful if I wished him bad things 'coz I'd appear to be bitter then, which I'm not.

A few people are busy going around the office now, asking for documents, updates, some are suppliers eager to get their payments, some of which are already long overdue. So I think, I'll just go on listening to the music, sit back and relax until it's time to go out and enjoy the party. :)


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