Good News? or Bad News?

I'm already in the office having my first mug of hot coffee for the morning. Had my breakfast too, a meat roll. Anyway, here I am, updating you folks again. So here goes.

The boss is here again, fortunately or unfortunately, for a series of meetings with her boss, I believe it's regarding the several acquisitions and expansions that the company is planning to undergo. She's gonna be busy as hell because she's the Finance Director. The person responsible for money management. Hehe. Poor gal. I wonder if she'll ever get married.

Anyway, so she's here and after several minutes of just standing there outside her office, because her weird secretary seems to absent, she went into the internal audit office (my office) and well, said hi. (This is the part where I actually receive the good/bad news.)

She asked about the ongoing audit I'm doing with the purchasing department, and so I pointed at the mess of piles of papers from the purchasing dept and mentioned that I have been examining them for a while now. She managed to open a text message (I think, because she looked at her phone and read something.), and then blurt out that I was being "specifically requested" by Sir Wesley to fly out to Manila as soon as possible to help him sort out things with God knows what about. {I was the one he first worked with when he joined the Waterfront management team, we did some offshoot audits of the purchase orders and requests of all the waterfront properties - that's some FYI. Hehe.} So she told me that she told Sir Wesley that maybe just about the end of the month (that's end of September), I may be able to have finished my business here in Cebu, so she'll be sending me to Manila then. Hmmm. I'll be in Manila again?! Gracious.

It's good news, because well, for one thing, I was the one "specifically requested" to do the dirty work, which means that somehow, I may have made some good impression while I was there. Another is because I may be able to just take a step back and leave my troubles here in Cebu. But that also brings me to think that it's bad news because it means it will take me a little while longer to be able to solve my cranky problems here in Cebu, being in Manila and all. But that should be nice because it'll give everyone some hell lot of time to freakin' think and evaluate everything, right? Hmmm, all is good. I think. If this pushes through, then maybe it's really good for everyone, including myself of course.


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