Because He's a Dum* A*s

Ugh! I hate internet explorer!!!
I was already finished typing this not-so-nice-a-post because I was dissing our income audit "head" (who's a dumb ass - because I don't like him) when I was supposed to add a link to the word kamikazee (one of my all-time favorite bands) when the yahoo pop-up blocker blocked the pop-up (wehehehe, annoying use of words...crazy me) that was supposed to add the link and when I disabled the pop-up blocker, the page reloaded which of course means that, if you have tried blogging through blogger, all the things that you typed before you were able to publish your post will be erased and be gone forever!!! Grrrrhhhh! I hate internet explorer!!!!
Anyways, I'm listening to my phone radio, and the voice I can hear right now is Rob Thomas'. I like him. Hmmm. No questions asked. I just like him. As a singer, ok?
Still, the income audit "head" is a dumb ass. Still, because I don't like him. Why don't I like him? Because he's a dumb ass. (Good thing he doesn't know about this blog. Hehehe!)


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