When Angels get Dusty

I was looking around my room last night, amazed at how disorderly and unkempt a room can be in a few days, sighing as I realize that I really have to clean up. As I look on top of my tv, I saw that the angel has gotten so dusty, it's no longer white.

So I wondered whether real life angels can also get dusty - from being out of business. I know they get dusty especially when they do all the dirty work, but how about when they're not doing anything anymore? How about when the person they're guarding has become to apathetic, stoic at worst, and has disregarded the tiny guiding voice of their angels?

Weird, huh. I used to believe that our guardian angels are not so angel-looking as we usually see them represented in drawings, paintings, novels, or even in movies. I think our guardian angels look like us - either in the younger state of our existence like a toddler (a very smart toddler then!) or a teenager, or in a mature one, maybe our age or a little older, or way older. But still they look like us. So I guess it's not at all weird when we try to talk to ourselves because, as my theory says, we are really talking NOT to ourselves but to our guardian angels - given that you believe in things like this.

I'm not a firm believer of angels, it's just that, well, Old Bible times have angels, the Revelations has angels in them, so why can't I think that there are angels in this times, right? Hmmm, it's my opinion though, no need for you to flex those arguing muscles.

So when I thought that the angel is dusty, it's not totally because I haven't been talking to her a lot lately, but because..... well, my room is dirty.

c",) hehehe!


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