Cappuccino & Cafe Mocha

"Had I been" an owl, I wouldn't be feeling sleepy today. Hmmmm... Crazy phrase.

A friend and I stayed in starbucks from about 12 midnight 'til 1:30+am just talking about anything and everything - including that "had it been" phrase that his review facilitator just looooves using while enjoying our blueberry cheesecake, tall cafe mocha, and a tall cappuccino; now I'm feeling sleepy. Hehehe. Think it's mutual. :p

Anyway, received another letter from Reader's Digest - these guys really are consistent in trying to convince subscribers, huh? They just sent me another one of those entries for their sweepstakes thing where your prize, given that your entry gets drawn and you're declared a winner, is either a brand new car or tons of cash, divided into annuities, ofcourse. Hmmm, the thing is, I should renew my subscription together with the properly filled out entry forms. S*it. I can't renew it right now, I don't have enough dough. Heheh...

side comment: part, nahan ka ikaw renew? you seemed interested with it last night...but then again if this entry gets drawn, I get to claim the prize because all entries are under my name.... wehehehe... *evil*


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