Half Empty, Half Full - Ramblings...

I'm sure you've heard or read several stories about that famous phrase 'half empty'. Several positive thinking people I know rather like the version of being 'half full'. For me, being a skeptic in nature (as a friend has described me, I'm the person who doesn't give in to ideas as easily as others do), I'd rather believe both - that the darn glass can both be half empty and half full at the same time.

I'm not going to question the exact difference of the amounts of liquid and space in the glass, although some annoying people who'd just wanna prove that the glass displayed can be considered as half full if they get the exact amount of liquid and compare it to the volume of the glass and therefore determine whether the space is indeed lesser than the liquid which occupies it - ok, I'm rambling. Anyway, it's just that there are really gonna be days when we feel empty - or half empty. No matter how busy we get or how pre-occupied we are with our thoughts and problems (whether our own or not), there's just this 'something' pulling at your gut, whispering, "Are you okay? Are you sure?"

Ok, so fancy a halfling pulling at the hem of your skirt. Duh.

And there are also times when we feel that we've lost track of our lives because we just feel overjoyed over something that happened, or something we got from work, school, or whatever, take a pick. And we sometimes look for someone to share it with, but your list appears empty. Hmmm, sometimes I'm thinking of just hiring someone who'd just listen to me rave and rant over something or someone over an extended period of time. But that can't be. Sometimes I also think about going to another island - like Luzon. Bite me - Luzon's an island, ok? Just a very big one.

Hmm, I also thought that soya milk tastes like crap. Now, I like it, and I'm actually having it right now. But I still definitely think that liver is the yuckiest thing ever thought of as food. Yechkt!

I'm actually facing a window, a big one, and the view is...well, the finance department. I can actually see these people moving about, with piles of paper sometimes, often times with a glass on hand, because they're going towards the water station, placed where? By the window. Hmph.

And sometimes, the view is just well... boring. There are moments when everyone is just sitting down facing the computer, the only sounds you can hear are the tip-tap sounds of their fingers on the keyboard, the phones ringing, or the scratchy sound of their radio playing on the background. (Ok, so I really can't hear their typing 'coz of the glass window, but bear with me, k?)

And here I am, watching them, typing around about them, writing things they may never get to read or know about because they don't really have an idea that I have a darn blog. Yipeee! To my delight of course, because I can write things about them and they'd never ever now about it. Well aside of course from those who can access the internet and has visited this blog once or twice or even several times before, congratulations - you have bigger brain cell degeneration because of usage than your colleagues.

Think I'll end this rambling already and go to my audit work. Have to concentrate on this, it's nearing the deadline!


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