Reactions.. (Logically Speaking)

Hehehe. Ok, so I was able to solicit a reaction from one of my readers regarding my previous post. Hmmmm.... (for our foreign readers, "asiwa" is a Filipino term which means to feel awkward)

Yeah, come to think of it, it's kinda awkward, maybe especially for guys to call their exes by their first names, but how come we girls can? I call him by his first name, especially when we're not alone, or in front of other people who knew we were a couple before. But when it's just the two of us talking, then I don't see the need to address him by his first name because I can get his attention by touching his arm or pulling his shirt or just facing him and addressing him face to face. In terms of text messages, I just say my message directly, ummm, no mention of first names also. :)

But the thing is, I can and I do call him by his first name. What I'm bewildered about is why he can't. He seems to just stutter or have extreme difficulty saying my name! It's not very "curse-ish" you know, nor will it jinx him.



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