After a Cup of Noodles...

I'd rather not go and kiss anyone 'coz they'd definitely smell and taste the flavoring. hehe.

Ok, so I'm done with breakfast. Yep, I had noodles for breakfast? So what? And soya milk. So what, again? Hmm. I don't usually like having heavy breakfast, especially if I'm the one buying. Hehe, i'd rather have it free.

So I'm in the office now, feeling a wee bit cranky already even if it's just 9:45am. I hate the feeling, but I think I kinda grew familiar with it and find it a part of a normal day. I really should clean my keypad, it's getting a little moist due to my fingertips. Hmmm.

Ok, so done with that. Do you guys remember MJ, the friend who works in an auditing firm? Well, she's here in our office, of course, doing her audit. And she's with Roy and Charmaine (did I get the spelling right? Leave a line if I didn't, k?)

And she said, "what on earth were you thinking mentioning my name in your blog?"
"Huh? Owww... That... Hehehe, why, what's the matter? Only a few people know that it was you I was talking about!" (Unless I post a picture too....idea)

So, just to end the discussion, I won't mention name again MJ.

'Scuse me, but think I'll put this post up and rest my eyes a bit, I'm starting to feel the start of a headache.


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