Pusang Iring!!!

Found this in The Green Grin. I was laughing so hard. Naks naman... I loooovvvveee the comments!!! Really! I think this was brought about by the friendster craze. Forgive me, but I do believe there are lots of profiles like these nowadays. Just don't wanna expose them myself! :)

Go ahead, enjoy!


1) Ayumi

Occupation: student

Companies: rockers companies! [weh. weh lang talaga. poser ka amp.]

Hobby: chating!! [as in the sound effects. you know... chating! chating!]

wants to meet "pretty girls!! only!! hehes!!" [bat kaya "hehes"? baka kasi plural kasi madami ung tawa nya. shyet.]

2) -GEniE Lou-

aBouT me???? A persOn wHo is veRy conservative, have positive outlook in lyf, suMtyms I brEak pRomises dat can cause someone angry w/ me... [can you promise to speak in english?? can you?? can you??] im very productive person... everytime i do some task or deeds i will make a plan 1st b4 i go 4 it. im very fond! [oh gawd, she's fond!] in listening 2 musizzzz im da type of person dat tells frankly [Tells Frankly what? What!? Anong sinabi mo kay Frankly!?!?]

who i want to meet?????? so there it goes... [where?? where does it go?] *a person dat can give advices 2 me f i want some support. i mostly hate person nga snobbish kau* [kawawa naman si person. snobbish kasi e. yan. hate ka na nya]

3) jOnah-nUevE 'kikAy fOe RiL'

Companies: oN mAh hiStOry.. wYL i WAs On A mAll hOppiNg... [kawawang mall. inapakan.] sUmvody GAve mE A stArstruck fOrM... [sumvody. lufit.] HAhA! itz kinDA wEiRD.... wAtZ uP wit dAt huH? [Kelangan daw ng comic relief eh...]

4) -aNnA-

MaArtE,SEnSItive, SuPlAdITa, FRiEnDly, fAshiOnIStA, KikAy, AtTraCtiVe AnD EveRytHinG NiCE THaT Was Me!! [Ibig sabihin, nagbago na sia...] MaTaLinO (ThEReS No OnE IN THiS WoRLd hAs stUpId MiNDs) [Weh...di nga?] mAaRte aKo PeRo InDi AkO mAlAnDE-jUZ DOn'T EvEr jUdGe Me cOz yOu dONt mE aT AlL.... [I don't you...you don't me...we don't each other...word deletion's in nowadays] AND ..... YoU MuZ ReMEmBeR eVeRYtHinGs hAs a reAsONS [bkt ayaw mo tigilan ang S!!!] ..... DoNt! DArE mE COz YoU DoNt knOw wHaT CaN I dO SoMe peopLe dOnT UnDErSTaNd WhAT Is my aTtItUde BUt dOnT JuDgE aNyOnE... i pRoTeCT my fRieNdS...aNd pRoTeCt YoUrs :) [so wait.. you're gonna protect MY FRIENDS too?? LABO.]

5) catherine joyii

Affiliations: Catholic [yun lang. bow.]

"dont lyk pipol hu r very: PLASTIKS, pa EPAL, LIARS and anything na mga BAD ATTITUDE I like hu r vry gud...!!! "and if u want me to ur friend, jaz aDD me uP" [nakakaiyak.]

6) alexandra rose sobida

About Her: long hair, bolding eyes [OH YES. bolding eyes are VERY attractive.], red lips and long life [HA?!.]

Who She Wants to Meet: a spiecial boy in my hole life forever and ever [sana typo ung "hole". sana.]

7) maria princesa

caption ng picture: "am i look good" [patay tayo jan!]

Affiliations: An roman catholic [religion ang nilagay sa affiliation count: 2]

Favorite TV Shows: OPHRA [OF-RA.]

About Her: Me......... hmmmmmm ...... simpl! e and always happy....... . i know you've get it... wants to meet "somebody who has a sense of humor and simple gets" [webster must be spinning in his grave.]

8) lito

Companies: wa lang. im just in the class room seating on my chair and flerting with gurls....... [Flert pla si pare...angas!]

TV Shows: Whos line is that? and teleseryes

About him: I am a 19 year old strait guy, and i love doing creative stuff and having fun.... entering personal relationships with girls and guys even gays is okey with me as long as they are mature and responsible enough to hundle [hundle baga.] a relationship. By the way!!! before, I was against bisexual relationships en even sexual intercoarses [Magaspang bro...] between same sexes, that was me before that memorable night happen to me when i was in 4th year highschool.. .. [Namakla pa amp...]

9) lady biolente [biolente bro...biolente.]

caption ng picture: "it's meh,panget koh d2 bat kya!!! hehehe" [Hmm... bakit nga kaya?]

Occupation: collage student [Bagong course. COLLAGING.]

About her: ahm.......about meeh!!!??? ATTITUDE? kind,suplada minsan.. pro most of da tym mabait meeeh..., makulit, lagi na nka-smyl ngaun... talented pa! i can dance. i can sing....i can fly basta ba my wings, eh...he!he!he! OUTLOOK? syempre maganda,noh! alangan nmn laitin k ang sarili koh... [alam kaya nia ibig sabihin ng 'outlook?'] height koh? 5'3'' ASSET KOH? my legs sbi nila.... taken na meehh....... ...should I say yes!? [ha? SAAN KA MAGYEYES?!]

10) Geneveve

Hobbies: watcing tv

About her: beutiful and honest

wants to meet... i want ta meet people is simple only [dazzit...]

11) christopher

Hobbies: lapping trip [Lap dancer?]; tambay; sound trip; gumala

My Looks: punkiztah [poseur 101]

12) masaaki

Hobbies and Interests: play guitar and to be band [Yun lang...to be band?]

About Him: cOoL... taLL.... sMarT.... & mO$t oF th! aT tRuth LovEr..... [Ayaw ng sinungaling] ha..ha...ha. ...ha.... .ha..... eVerythiNgs' trUth [Weh...di nga?]

13) gummibear

About Me:"im kaRReL.. iM a giRL hu oLweZ waNa b HappY buT jSt cnT b! I cAn eiTHer b sEriouS oR siLLy... liBeraTed,,fuN. .no worrieS.. iM a prActiCal woMan n I eiTHer Lose mY heart dAN my bRaiNS.. it'S harD 2 piCk uP d piEceS oF my liFe..,, veRy comPlicaTed. . buT noT noW.. i dNt bLiV iN dEsTinY iM abouT reALiTy., uR liFE iS in uR hAnds//// so uR d 1 hu coMpLicaTe iT...." [Putcha, pag naintindihan nio to...award.]

14) maricel

Favorite Book: The Purpose Driven in life [oh yes. i read that too. purpose driven in life. cool.]

M! usic: fashions

About Me: i'm maricel.. who loves serving the Lord...i love dancing.. singing... going beaches... outings.. goin out.. window shopping..

15) Breeks

Favorite Music: stay w/ cushe, the day u said gudnyt w/ hale, kahit pa w/ hale again, specialy 4 u w/ MYMP, tell me y it herts [it HERTS! god it herts!] w/ MYMP again, love moves in mysteriuos ways w/ NINA ehehehe!!!

About Me: im a person n siryoso pro happy ksm en i dont like sa mga pipol n plastik gus2 ko ung dldl pro my sen ce ung cnsabi en real... im sure n mag kksundo tyo!!! Practically i want pretty girls but honestly i like mostly girls who are nice to accompany [accompany where?] and not malandi ...waaaaah i hope i cud fyn special one !!! [Fyn.]

16) Anthony

Affiliations: hardcore serial killer/frustrated assassin, computer addict [Nakupo mag-ingat kau rito...di lang sia twisted, di nia p alm kung ano ung affiliation]

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter all the movies that were already shown and including the one's that is still being made

Favorite Music: alternative, rock, mellow, pop, kahit ano basta hale o cueshe [you be the judge of this one]

About Me: im just a person who sit's silently on one corner [Sabi sa inio twisted eh]

17) -pRettY cAng-

"me?? im just a simple girl... hmmm... sometimes im othistic" [Umamin na... nakaka OTHISTIC den ung spelling mo haha]

"when it comes to my character, i reflect myself as a conforming one because i have tested myself of doing things which anticipated to be done." [.... hand me that aspirin.]

18) SheZzO GraniTy

Hometown: AurOrA wEr CrimE iS OrGaniZeD En ThA RuLe 2 FoLLoW [IT'S OVER!!! World Heavyweight Champion of the World!!!]

Schools: sTa.cLarA wEr pLenTy oF mUrdErEr OccUrS [so. what murderer occured now?]

Affiliations: ThuG BaLLa bAbY oF kArEn rOsE [tama na koya...]

About Me: i CamE FrOm a SmaLL TowN wEr oL ThA GenGsTerS- kiLLahZ- DruG DeaLahZ- YounG bLoOdS- LiVin aLonE AnD biG TyM SinDiCaTe ArE OcCurS [Ano ba!? Are occurs! Are occurs! OCCURS!!!]

19) -lil LiZ-:

"rOcKeRz!! n pUnKz!!!! ASTIG!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!" [Still in Poseur 101 guys]

Affiliations: tEnNaGe LiFe!! [TENNAGE! Pag lumagpas na sa sampu ung age mo...pero bkt sa Affiliation nilagay?]

Favorite Movies: chukie 1 and 2 [CHUKIE!!! Mali n nga ung title, mali p pangalan nung bida]

20) -'kEiXi'-

Hometown: nAVOetAst [Bkt kc pinpaarte p ung spelling eh...]

About Me: aqOuh?.. cHimPle LAng [chimple...patay.] .. bUT cAn maKE yUr hEAd tURn [mala-Exorcist bro] ,, *HoTcHiC**sEXy dAw..cHAvii nG mGAh fWEnDz qEw [Malamang talo sa Spelling bee to] .. sVi qEw nAMn.. mAdAnDa aqEw.. maArTE?/..sObra ** hiHi.. nDi mHEii mAarTE.. kAla nYOuh lAng yUn,, kSHi cHigURo .. yU fOUnd mE.. wEAriNg uNiqUe eAriNgs..USing mAkEuP.. oWeYs lOoKing mY fACe in tHE mirror.. mAarTE bAh yUN?

who i want to meet: "xA aCcoUnt qEw..kHit cHiNU pwEde.. kHit ikA'y mUkhang .. tAtaNgAPEn kiTAh bsTAh bAH TEZti cOUh aAhh" [Yun eh! Testimonial pala ang habol]

21) PrEtty StEpS IV

Affiliations: vOLLeYBaLL pLaYeR, cOLLeGe sTuDeNt, pARt tiMe MoDeL (iN MAHdReaMZ) ChEEr DanCER & UR fRiEnDLiEsT nEiGhBoR iN ToWn [Lumaki sa Sesame Street bro.]

"I wud nEver faLL again fOr soMeOne he's hEad oVer heeLs wiTh iN Comes To A rELATIONShIP I am faiTHfuL aNd sweet I haTes aNd curSes pLayErs I am eMoTioNaL, I lisTens to My mind buT I stiLL foLLows My heart someone U Can tRUsT On


22) -sTaY ovErLoaD-

Hometown: TaGuiG..ThE FLazE To bEE..MaHoGanY [THE FLAZE!!!]

Occupation: boniFiEd and cErTiFied HeavEn ringEr..aLpha MaN.. [WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!]

Affiliations: aFiLL-FuLL and ThuguFuLL..ThEY r grEaT jusT 4 onE nigHT buT iM grEaT evErY nigHT!! [yun eh...bro affiliations plang tau...]

23) Jean

Affiliations: Cristianity [religion ang nilagay sa affiliation count: 3]

Who I Want to Meet: "be always respect the universal trademark clan within the highest organization" [WHAT. ARE. YOU. SAYING.]

24) adora

"ME...a simple GOD creature, a high climber (Feeling unggoy.) & aggressive person, i want a new clothes, books.....some of my other descriptions are---->friendly, jealousy, cute, honest..." [JEALOUSY? a, kasi FRIENDLY. k. got it.]

"i love spaghetty"

Who I Want to Meet: A CUTE PERSON..and i hate a person who has a BAD IMAGE like being ignored, finishing second, hand-me-downs, waiting, LIAR, forgetfullnes, haste, feeling ignorant, vulgarity, ugliness, being pressured, LOUD ARGUMENTS & MAKING PROMISES.. [..................................]

25) giriz

Affiliations: Bsta Nilalang sa EarTh pro luv c God (Ang labo nga nman kasi ng salitang Affiliations!)

"i like" play badminton."

"I was born: in Earth!!!" [uyy...papatawa sia...]
"I dont juge the book by its cover I read it first" [sige na nga tawa na kame...]


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