Some Med School in the Philippines!

Ok folks, this issue has started to bombard the world wide web, especially the browsers of both the curious, and the concerned, people of the Philippines, myself included.

I do watch Desperate Housewives, and for some reason or another, I'm actually watching reruns of the previous season in a local tv station. {I won't mention which station anymore, ok?} And it's only through the news that I learned about the famed "racist" comment from the character of Teri Hatcher, Susan, in Desperate Housewives.

“ok, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas ‘coz I would just like to make sure that they’re not from some med school in the Philippines.”

{take note where the stress of her statement lies...}

Here's the clip:

Hmmm, actually, the truth of it as I personally see it is this: the comment was not directed at Filipino Doctors per Se, but to all those med-related professionals practising their craft in the United States. If you try to review the clip from the famed episode, you can hear from her voice that the 'thing' that the comment was undermining was the quality of education that medical schools here in the Philippines provide their clients, whether local bred or aliens.

Are you getting my point here? What I'm saying is, it's correct that we act on it, but lets ALL get our facts straight before reacting. Foreigner teachers, (Americans, Persians, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, extra terrestials, etc, etc, etc...) can teach in Med Schools in the Philippines, you know.

And you Mr {or Ms - he's gay!} Marc Cherry, {don't you think I forgot all about you} can sure damn write some fancy lines! You attracted one whole nation's viewing audience! Not to mention it's government, its people here and abroad, and was even able to cause the launch of an online signature-driven protest against yourself, the show you're writing for, the producers of that show, and the station that airs it. Hmmm. If you like you can also sign the petition here.


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