Candy and Eyeglasses

I'm really not in the mood to be a hero today being too "obssessed" doing office work. I can't believe some people love what they do - and well, as of the moment, I don't.

It's human nature really. There just comes a time when a person gets bored. Bored with work, bored with relationships, bored with life. Right now, the boredom and the politics of my workplace is taking a toll on me - fast. I just hope this doesn't reach depression.

Another thing that kinda annoyed me early this morning was the thought that I should be looking for a new place - and that means that I have to look for the new place that's big enough and comfortable enough for my tastes, a transport vehicle to move my things, and the darn money to pay for 'em. Hohum. Crazy morning. It's actually correct that it might be a little more convenient if I move instead of paying more for jeepney fares, but the thing is, I have to adjust again to another person's annoying paranoid habits - I mean, the landlady/landlord! Of course, if you're just renting, you in fact do have a landlord/lady and that means you have to ride on to the flow his paranoia regarding your things, your visitors, your habits, your schedule - whatever! Ugh! Annoying!

Anyway, I think I'll just talk to my officemates son who's here in my office right now. I'd appear a little more sane doing so.


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