the 3,000 mark

My blog's nearing the 3,000 mark, just a little bit more it's, well, okay. Hehe.

Anyway, it's the week after all the Christmas parties and New Year bashes, and well, as expected I've gained a little weight from all the food that's available and free for consumption. And of course, exchanging gifts was also something to watch out for - ever since the battle cry "Hala, nindot ang wrapper...Watch out!" was born.

Crazy as it seems, I may have brought this slogan into life during our company Christmas Party. And I'm gonna share a little secret with you - the person I gave the gift to wasn't really the original name I plucked out from the envelope, my officemate traded with me because they really wanted someone crazy enough to bring the person down from her self-made pedestal - I was free, so I agreed. Wehehe...

It wasn't really such a bad gift, it was like a scrap book or something to that effect made out of recycled paper. It was actually really nice and I'd be delighted if I were to receive it, except for the quote or proverb that will welcome you on its cover page - It was something like, Put yourself in others' shoes before you do or say something and think whether it will hurt you or not. If it hurts, then the other person might also be feeling the same. Hmmm, it was better said on the thing's cover but I didn't quite manage to keep it in memory. Sorry - my bad. :)

I'll post something else some other time - I just dropped by to update my blog and ponder whether I'd like to change my header or not. Tata!


  1. hi.was just checking out ur blog.coz i hav a personal one of my own


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