the Heck?! (v.2.0)

I was a little annoyed.

More than a little. I was quite annoyed.

Why? Because! ...

Some jerk requested to be added to my YM list, and as stupid as I am today, I did. Almost half a day later, this person sends a message saying hi. I didn't answer just yet and instead asked him who he was - in tagalog, so I'd have a clue where he's from. What basically annoyed me was that he didn't answer for a while, but sent a smiley. Crazy idiot. And then he asked, without a question mark at that, what did you say

I don't usually get annoyed by little things, but this time, since I am fully aware that I'm way past the age of looking for virtual friends in chat rooms, I get irritated by those naive ones who think that all girls just want to look for someone to hook up with. Hmm, that jerk doesn't know I'm online for business, bless his dorky heart.

Anyway, for all of you, I want virtual friends in terms of readers and subscribers and frequent visitors for this blog - not for kinky fun as others term it.

*** for the peekaboo expandable post summary hack, special thanks to Ramani (Hackosphere)!!!


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