The Killer Ad

Found this in My Interesting Files, and I thought this was really interesting...

Has anybody seen this ad actually get aired? Because there have been rumors surrounding this ad that prompted the producers to just pull it out from the market BEFORE actually having it aired. Hmmm... Crazy...

It was rumored that the location where they shot this was famous for a previous accident which took a young woman's life. During the post production, the video editors noticed something weird on the video, a strange white mist was following the car as it turns around the bend. Near the end of the video, as the car passes by some trees, a very soft voice of a male can be heard, the editors think it was the camera man, but we really wouldn't know, would we?

So try to see the video to determine whether the white mist was really a ghostly apparition or just water vapor. And turn up your volume too so you can decipher what the heck the camera man was trying to say.


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