Birthdays Away from Home

So what are you gonna do if you're celebrating your birthday away from your family, your lovelife, your mother company and your closest loved ones? Hmmm. Lets see...

Go Ahead and be Depressed.
It's normal. You ARE really gonna be depressed. It's your birthday, so go ahead, you have every right to do whatever you like, even being depressed. Just don't overdo it.

Stay Online for Awhile.
If you're usually online, then maintain that. If not, try...{continue reading below} going online just for the heck of it. Not because you're waiting for people to send you instant messages of greetings, but instead try to see who are the people most likely to remember your birthday. Either with a little help from other sources or not.

Do an Unplanned get Together.
hehehe. This one's nice. Once an unsuspecting friend sends a message to you or calls you all of a sudden to greet, and you haven't seen these people for quite a while AND they're actually just within the area, go ahead and tell them that they should come to your place or to meet up with you somewhere to eat out and hang around for a while after dinner. Then you've managed to strike to birds with one stone - you celebrated your birthday AND caught up with old friends. Now that's a celebration.


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