Can I Help you With That?

Basically, as usual, I'm bored. Yup, I always manage to get bored at some point during the day - or night. And to amuse myself, I visit other people's blogs, read around, may be leave fascinating comments, or if I get to notice something out of the ordinary, I leave comments that let them know they kinda either ruled or well, sucked.

Recently, I was browsing through and decided to just read some blog entries that may have caught my eye at some point, and found this one entry that was not extraordinary, but it just caught my eye - The EYE (haha, this is quite unintentional, you know.). She - yes, she's a she - wrote about some freakish accident-like thing that happened to ...
her eye while hitching a ride with someone. Her LEFT eye got swollen and red. Well, she doesn't really have any idea how it happened. Anyhow, the thing is, as she was blabbering about it, using some writing language we ordinarily use in SMS, she made the mistake of looking at the picture she posted and referred to her left eye as her RIGHT eye - with all confidence. Duh.

And so here I come, at my most bored point, reading through it and bam! The first thing I noticed was her mistake. So I try to correct it by leaving a comment. "Right eye? Are you sure?"

I was actually expecting to receive some frantic attempt to redeem herself and mercilessly attack my credibility through verbal assault (better yet, written - the blog way) and yet, I was disappointed. I didn't receive any. And so I revisited her blog this morning.

To my surprise, my comment was deleted, and reading her entry again, she actually corrected herself. Making the right, left. Hehe. Good girl. She knows not to mess around with bored people.

Anyway, I'm not actually blogging to find enemies, it's just that boredom can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Hmmmm. Yeah, right.


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